Oxford Indices Services


Oxford Indices offers a toolkit of skills that can be applied to any sector where there is a profit or value opportunity in data. We call it analytics for profit, but you could also think of it as delivering you a return on information.

Data is important because:
  • The amount of it is growing rapidly
  • It allows customers, markets and supply chains to be understood in more detail, in real-time
  • Computing power allows analysis of vast quantities of data to be conducted quickly
  • Its effective use is increasingly the differentiating factor between rival companies.
Oxford Indices will quickly understand your business need, devise the best analytical method for you and execute efficiently, so you capture the commercial benefit from your data.

Harnessing the skills and experience of the team, Oxford Indices has delivered projects across diverse sectors including automotive, media and retail/distribution. Between them, the common elements are about analysing consumer preferences, predicting behaviour, modelling the functioning of markets and benchmarking performance. All to the end of delivering you a profitable return on information.

We will not try and sell you a generic model for your business problem; instead we will work closely with you to fully understand the challenges you face and develop a bespoke solution to improve your business's performance.